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Scholastic art and writing contest 2019

I then made the image highly contrasted to only black and white. It was as if he lived in three different worlds. Richheimer was able to recount his experience as a survivor of the Holocaust greatly impressed me. Explain how it influences the way you behave in the world today. Harriet Thompson Elementary, Grandview. Einstein Middle School, Shoreline. By participating in the contest, you grant the Museum permission to publish the winning entries in brochures, flyers, other Museum publications and exhibitions. The picture shows Noemi running away from the hate and evil of Hitler and running to a new light, to hope. When Eva was 11, Hitler came into power. It happens again and again. It was as if it had gotten better, he had become more appreciative of his surroundings. One way to encourage them to polish their writing skills is to have them enter a writing contest. Students are grouped by age into three different levels, all of which are judged at both a state and national level. My art shows how, on the right of the train tracks, rows of people are coming off a cattle car and there is a person standing holding a baton like a conductor. Teacher: Jenai Sheffels With a past wrought with unspeakable horrors, Magda Schaloum, a Holocaust survivor, had a drive to spread her story that was nothing short of courageous.

But Steve stayed strong mentally and found a way be free now than being treated like he was nothing. Mead High School, Spokane. He and his mother were taken in by Klaas and Roefina Post. Explain how it influences the way you behave in the world today.

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Through your creativity in writing, art, or short film, show how a local survivor's story or part of their story impacts, affects, or inspires you.

Entries are judged both regionally and nationally—the highest-level regional work is submitted for national consideration. Einstein Middle School, Shoreline.

Scholastic writing contest 2019

Catlin Gabel School, Portland. By the age of ten, he already began to experience hateful comments. Teacher: Paul Regelbrugge My piece of art represents how hope was the only thing that kept most Jews going. This contest is generously sponsored by the Habush Family Foundation. Mead High School, Spokane. Columbia Jr. Teacher: Paul Regelbrugge My drawing shows a blank and lifeless figure seeing their reflection, which is who they really are. This represents Noemi facing obstacles in her life like suffering, heartbreak, lost faith, and more with only few things to help her get by; these anchors were endurance, faith, love, strength, and happiness.

Division 1 will include grades Entrants must be under 15 years old and write a compelling news story about a school or community event. He was just a kid, he thought.

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A panel of judges will evaluate the entry for creativity, excellence and content. Be sure to give historical details of your examples in your essay. The thin line between love and hate should be erased for love. Afterward, I sent it out to my family who then distributed it to many of their friends. At that moment, I realized the major impact this little project was having. Honorable Mention - Esther Wang, 11th grade. Kids can submit everything from stories and songs to editorials and plays. High, Fife. The picture shows his life during and after the war. Teacher: Paul Regelbrugge My piece of art represents how hope was the only thing that kept most Jews going. Showing the terror and pain during the war, and the beauty of life after.
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