Write a new ending to the hunger games

Are you ok? When we reach the stream… or what used to be the stream, now there is only a bone-dry bed. Then the whole world comes alive with the sound.

Searching for the truth about how I feel although it was usually always so easy for him to read me.

alternate ending hunger games book 1

The sheet of plastic has been laid on the ground where the sun can reach the single layer of berries that covers it. Then this summons had come from President Gale. Just in time, too, because Thresh is upon us. Twenty-one tributes are dead, but I still have yet to kill Thresh.

The blond hair, the green eyes, the number…. The earlier revision stating that two victors may be crowned has been… well… revoked. And as for the audience… I reach up and pull Peeta against my lips, hard and Peeta groans, a low sound in the back of his throat, just as he starts to kiss me back, I pull away.

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The Hunger Games: Alternate Ending