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Moreover as the number of producers increase the completion in the market should also be enhanced. Indeed, for many reasons, scores of people are devoted strawberry consumers.

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Also overseeing packaging and warehousing activities. Super shops upper class and upper middle class Agora 4 outlets Nandan 5 outlets Shopno 5 outlets? Low transportation cost as the farm is very close to Dhaka. Each cultivar has a different day length and temperature requirement. There is a big wheel race and a bed race that is held The Friday of the festival. As a result, the overall prices of the strawberry have decreased at a significant rate in recent times. It should also be noted that that the potential for growth of agriculture for exports is far from negligible. If planted very late, runners develop in March and crops are light. Agro-Climatic Requirements Strawberry grows well under temperate climate. The production technique is somewhat similar to that of potato and Brinjal. Among the highly consumed fruits strawberries are widely used throughout the world for different purposes such as preparation of jams, jellies, decorating cakes etc. As a result, they are supplying the raw materials to producers at reasonable price.

Also the high profitability of the industry is attracting many people. Senga Sengana: It is a hybrid between Markee x Sieger.

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Berries remain small or wither before ripening. Use 5 l solution per square metre area and cover with polythene sheet.

Strawberry essay

This is giving some edge about the bargaining power with their customers. They supply strawberry to the super shops, local markets as well as in restaurants in Dhaka. Importance and Uses of Strawberry: Strawberry fruit is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Marketing Officer 01 In charge of promotion of our brand, and acquiring customers for our product, such as super shops and various fruit vendor outlets Driver 01 06 Help in distribution Total Personnel 22 7. In spite of this if fluctuations persists further diversification into multiple markets will be undertaken to mitigate the risk Strawberry is already being grown in Tangail and there is sufficient availability of skilled labor. Ability to sell at a lower price as they have achieved economics of scale. Different venders create foods using strawberries as a primary ingredient that people try and enjoy. Sales at Discount: Sales discount will be offer in cases of bulk buying so that the volume of the sales increases. Strawberry is easy to grow and our country is fast developing methods to produce grade strawberries with the capability to replace the imported varieties. Strawberry is a fruit of temperate climate but its cultivation can be done successfully in sub-tropical climate. Chandler: The fruits are conical ovate to sometimes long flat, skin shiny, glossy and attractive. Fruit rot occur due to attack of this disease as fruit ripen. Areas where strawberries are to be planted should be free from these.

I will record all of the information Their annual production is around kg with a daily production of around 40 kg. Their production is around kg. Related coverage.

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On Sunday a 10k run is held, a shortcake run his held, and another softball tournament is held. Damage from this pest can be reduced by managing vegetation on land around the field. Diet Add strawberries to a chicken salad for a burst of flavor. There production cost of per kg of strawberry is around Tk and selling price is around Tk. One partner will oversee distribution, warehousing and packaging. The technical staff will attend regular workshops held by the Bangladesh Strawberry Association. Moreover the demand is expected to increase as the fruit becomes more widely known in the market 4. The plant reaches peak production in the late spring, summer and early fall in most parts of the country. Over , people come to enjoy these foods and they consume 45, strawberry shortcakes, , strawberry doughnuts, 8, chocolate covered strawberries, and 3, chicken dinners. Natural population of F. This report focuses on outlining an entrepreneurship venture into the strawberry cultivation industry of our country. Low transportation cost, ability to supply fresh strawberry at a faster rate as the farm is located close to Dhaka. Virus free plant material should be procured. It is one of the most preferred fruit in different parts of the world. In plant materials the amino acids are found in free form L-configuration.
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